Some news from Athens !


Les élèves de première Euro Anglais en voyage en Grèce sont bien arrivés à Athènes !
Voici quelques nouvelles en anglais :

Some news from Athens and the European class.
We arrived in Athens yesterday at 2 pm . After driving form the airport and leaving our luggage at the hotel , we went to Syntagma square and saw the changing of the guards in front of  the Hellenic Parliament. The guards change every hour in the day, but on Sundays, it is the official ceremony and the guards wear their official suits. It was very impressive. Later on,  we went to the shopping and pedestrian area where we had a great time browsing shops and watching street dancers.
Today we had a four hours guided tour of the Acropolis and its museum which was inaugurated in 2009. When we first heard the tour was going to last four hours we were a bit scared but in fact it was awesome and we had a fantastic time !
We then went to a restaurant where we had a typical Greek meal with Greek salad, feta cheese and pita bread followed with chicken and pork Gyros, stuffed tomatoes and meatballs.It was really yummy !!!
Next ,we visited Monastiraki and its flea market and finally went back to our hotel at 6.00 pm because we were exhausted !! Finally the MUN students had to work on their speeches.
It was a great day !!